published July 18, 2017

Planning for MIPS Success – EHR Use (Advancing Care Information)

Planning for MIPS Success – EHR Use (Advancing Care Information) This is Part II of our series on MIPS.  See Quality Measures for Part I on the Quality Portion of MIPS. …

published June 21, 2017

Planning for MIPS Success – Quality Measures

Check out Medicare’s new website: https://qpp.cms.gov/ Note there is a subscribe button at the bottom so you can sign up to receive updates from CMS.

published February 21, 2017

Is it Time to Change your EHR?

  “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”― Tony Robbins

published February 7, 2017

Our New Look

Sevocity has a fresh new look! On Friday, February 3rd, we revealed our new logo and website.  Our marketing team has been working with Legacy79 on this project since April 2016 …

published November 2, 2016

Ransomware and Your Practice

The Threat Ransomware is a type of malicious software that cyber criminals use to deny access to systems or data. Symantec, a global leader in cyber security reports that in …

published September 29, 2016

Rock N Roll & ICD10

Heavy Metal Mayhem No, this isn’t about Bruce Dickinson dusting off the 747 and taking Iron Maiden on another massive world tour (which proved so successful it’s being extended though …

published September 27, 2016

Has your practice experienced a cyber-attack?

Has your practice experienced a cyber-attack?  If not, you can count your blessings and continue to take steps to protect your patients’ information and medical records.  You have taken the …

published August 29, 2016

Getting Patients to Use the Patient Portal

The advent of MACRA and MIPS means provider’s Medicare reimbursement hinges more than ever on the Patient Portal.  How can you get your patients to use it?

published August 23, 2016

Patient Portal and MIPS

MACRA is the new payment model for Medicare and MIPS is the MACRA option that will apply to most providers.  Do they understand the impact using a Patient Portal will …

published August 9, 2016

Best Practices for Capturing Patient History

An accurate patient history (medical, surgical, family and social) aids providers in their assessment and decision-making and improves E&M coding.