Better Patient Care through Better Provider Care

As a provider, you are the single most important person when it comes to the healthcare your patients receive. Our business model is simple: you always come first.

Our goal is to make Sevocity as easy as possible for you to use from the way we implement and train to the way Sevocity works for you, to the live, US-based EHR Support we provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Yes, Sevocity meets all the requirements for EHR certification. But you need a lot more to make your EHR work for you. So, we focus on making it easy to meet documentation requirements and customizing tools that really help you – like flowsheets to track specific types of patient care and customizable health guidelines to automatically track africacasinos.co.za important patient needs.

We top that off with ongoing free customization services so your EHR works for you, not the other way around.

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Tailor made

Your specialty, your way. We start you off with your specialty’s version of Sevocity and then further customize it to your practice’s and providers’ preferences.


Tailor made

Word on the Street

Using the Sevocity Electronic Medical Record system has been instrumental in my medical practice’s success. The software has been customized to the practice’s needs, is user-friendly, and is an efficient, affordable EMR system. The outstanding customer service and support, in my opinion, makes Sevocity stand above any other EMR system I have used in the past.