Tailor Made for Your Business

You don’t practice cookie-cutter medicine. Your EHR shouldn’t be cookie-cutter either.

We’ve taken years of experience and built a Sevocity package for nearly every specialty. We then take it to the next level by customizing Sevocity to your practice and even your individual providers – at no additional cost. Ever.
Customizable content includes:

  • Chief Complaints and HPI tailored to each Chief Complaint
  • Patient History – that can also be completed by patients online
  • Review of Systems
  • Exam
  • Favorite Diagnoses, Orders, Medications, etc.
  • Plans
  • Templates
  • Health Maintenance Tracking and Alerts

Request a demo and we’ll show you exactly how we can customize Sevocity for you. Attach some sample notes to your request and we’ll even create some of your customization for the demo.

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Join us for a live demo. See Sevocity’s unique features and have all your questions answered.

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Tailor made

Your specialty, your way. We start you off with your specialty’s version of Sevocity and then further customize it to your practice’s and providers’ preferences.


Tailor made

Word on the Street

Working with Sevocity to deliver electronic lab results and support our customers is night and day from working with other Electronic Health Record vendors. Sevocity is the day part.
Mauro Guerra, CEO, Pathology Reference Laboratories