Our Billing Partners

To be better serve our clients, Sevocity partners with several stand-out practice management/billing systems and will develop a bi-directional HL7 interface with any practice management system.

Partnership Application

If you interested in becoming a partner, please fill out our Partner’s Form. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Chandler Price at cprice@sevocity.com.

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AMS Software Inc.

Since 1988, AMS Software has provided Billing Services/ Practice Management & Billing Software for practices in all 50 states. We are dedicated to seeing your office’s revenue stream reach its fullest potential. We specialize in RHC billing, HCFA-1500 and UB-04 claims. Our goal is to provide our clients with a high quality product at a fair market price, while having a relentless dedication to admirable customer service. Please contact us today to determine if our partnership with Sevocity EHR can benefit your office.

800.449.6949 . www.ams-software.com

Cloud 9 Medical Solutions ​

At Cloud 9, our goal is to help you get paid timely and accurately. We are a US-based company that understands nothing is more critical to your business than the proper management of your revenue. We have developed a full-service, people-focused, and technology-driven medical billing and collection service designed to help you get paid faster and in full.

Whether you need full-service billing or need to delegate part of your revenue cycle to us, we are prepared to help. Please call to discuss your needs and our services.

231.459.4100 . www.cloud9medicalsolutions.com

Comprehensive Medical Solutions, Inc.

Experts in billing, accounting, analytics, technology, and business management for medical practices. The CMSI management team has over 145 years of combined practice management experience. CMSI has been helping our clients negotiate the maze of complex and ever-changing regulation and reimbursement obstacles for over 30 years. We focus the skills of CPAs, attorneys, business analysis managers, expert coders, and reimbursement specialists on your practice. Service is our top priority. Publicly traded big acquisition companies serve their shareholders, not their physician clients. These companies cannot provide the level of service and personal attention that a specialty medical management business, like CMSI, can. Higher collections, increased operating efficiency, more productive employees: Our business is your solution.

423.903.6796 . www.compmedsolutions.com


EchoScribe is one of the fastest growing medical billing companies headquartered in the United States. We know how to get you paid while saving you time and money. Our low-cost offering has motivated over 60 group practices to make the switch from their in-house billing provider to us. The heart of your practice is cash flow and we take great care in onboarding and servicing each of our valued clients.

888.324.6462 . www.echoscribe.com

Medical Management Solutions

The mission of Medical Management Solutions is to provide Management and Administrative support services to healthcare organizations. Utilizing the collective knowledge of our team, we will increase the profitability of healthcare organizations and allow them to focus on the delivery of healthcare.

Medical Management Solutions thrives by capturing the collective knowledge of our staff and translating that into success for each of our customers. Our success has been predicated on developing a successful management model that can be replicated at other offices.

888.692.4915 . www.med-manage.com

EZClaim Medical Billing Software

EZClaim’s Premier cloud-based solutions offer great options to fit any specialty or practice size. EZClaim believes billers deserve simple solutions in today’s dynamic and complex healthcare climate.

Doctor’s, billing service owners and practice managers can easily send ANSI 837P and 837I claims, manage provider schedules, and view billing data via the Portal. EZClaim has a 20-year track record of industry expertise and superior support.

877.650.0904 . www.ezclaim.com

Global Healthcare Resource

Global Healthcare Resource is a full-service, offshore RCM firm with over 20 years of experience aligning the healthcare industry with cutting edge, cost-effective solutions. Our services are personalized to meet the unique needs of each client and project. We are SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, always putting the security of your data first. Our proven offshore business model allows us to maximize ROI and improve productivity for our valued clients.

888.249.2958 x 814 . www.globalhealthcareresource.com

Great Lakes Medical Billing and Practice Management, LLC

At GreatLakes Medical Billing (GLMB), we are as passionate about collecting the maximum cash for your efforts from payors as you are about healing your patients. Working with us enables you to devote your valuable time, energy, and skills to patient care while we use all our resources and deep expertise to collect the maximum possible reimbursement legally allowed for you in a timeframe much shorter than the industry average.
We maximize and accelerate your cash flow! At present, our hundreds of Physicians and HME Supplier clients are able to focus on their core competency and enjoy the benefits of the trust they have placed in GLMB as their dedicated Revenue Cycle Optimization partner. Our services are powered by ClearpathMD. Clearpath was designed by coders and billers. It is where Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence meet.

586.615.0654 . www.greatlakesmbpm.com

Horizon Health Care Management Group LLC

We provide your practice with all of the tools your practice needs to thrive in today's regulatory environment. Put us to work for your revenue cycle and practice management needs; and focus on your patients.

We provide:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Credentialing
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Advanced Patient Scheduling and other tools for you and your front desk.

We never outsource any of your data; your data is stored in our systems that we host here in the United States.

240.513.6220 . www.horizonhcm.net

Invoisync, LLC

At Invoisync, we offer excellent quality medical billing, coding, credentialing, audits, full revenue cycle management, collections, appointment center, financial management, back office accounting & payroll services to medical offices. We are a CA-based, fully integrated RCM Company serving all 50 States. Our pricing is set up to ensure our success only when you succeed!

213.431.0393 . www.invoisync.co

MeDLiTE Inc.

MeDLiTE, Inc. is a family owned, full-service medical billing and practice management company that has been successfully operating since 1991. Located in New Jersey we have been providing medical billing services for over 25 years and we specialize in non-par billing working with a variety of Primary Care Providers as well as Specialists in a wide spectrum of medical specialties including but not limited to. We provide quality solutions for your office and billing infrastructure. We also offer a range of services which include credentialing, training programs, and consulting services. With our solutions, we can improve your office management, increase your revenue, and much more.

201.967.8425 . www.medlitesolutions.com

Mednet Medical Billing

Mednet has a 30+ year history of providing full revenue cycle management to medical practices ranging in size from solo practitioners to multi-specialty providers and clinics. In addition to certified billing and coding services, we also offer provider credentialing, data analytics, value-based reimbursement consulting and educational workshops. We bring precision to the medical billing process and make practices profitable.

877.291.2705. www.mednetinc.com

MedTrust Inc.

MedTrust Inc. is an independently owned Medical Coding and Billing Company. We understand our clients’ needs and know it’s about more than just the numbers; It’s about trust, relationships and mutual respect. We help providers code to the highest appropriate level, reduce the amount of accounts receivables, reduce insurance adjustments and denials, maximize revenue, and improve efficiency. Let us put our experience to work for you!

706.550.1852 . www.medtrustinc.com


Professional Medical Billing Specialists

225.937.3521 . www.nbimed.com

NY Med Billing, Inc.

Our History:

Located in Manhattan New York City – NY Med Billing, Inc. has been serving providers from all over the US since 1988. As a “boutique” billing company, we take great pride in providing outstanding, individualized service, guaranteeing you will NOT get lost in a large corporate billing agency.

Our Services:

  • We ALWAYS send your claims in a timely fashion!
    Once we receive your claims, we then electronically export them to the Clearinghouse within 24-48 hours - GUARANTEED!
  • We call on EVERY rejected or denied procedure code!
    Our motto has always been: “If you don’t get paid - we don’t get paid!”
  • We track ALL of your Patient Receivables!
    We handle ALL of your Patient Billing needs, including sending patient statements, as well as calling back patients with questions regarding their bills!
  • We send you monthly reports that let you see exactly what we see, providing COMPLETE transparency!
  • COVID-19 - during this difficult time, we have required all of our certified coders to stay up-to-date on the latest in Telehealth billing procedures, insuring you’re optimizing all your potential cash-flow avenues!

Let us take care of all your medical billing needs so you can do what you do best: PRACTICE MEDICINE!

646.895.2358 . www.ny-med-billing.com

Physicians Choice Medical Billing, LLC

Physicians Choice Medical billing, LLC has been in business since 2015. We serve all specialties and have clients nationwide. We are proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We have excellent references and competitive pricing for all practices. We do not outsource overseas and all work in done in the USA. We are a Veteran owned and operated business. We are dedicated to our clients financial well-being.

(727) 900-1326. www.physicianschoice.biz

Pro Health Billing

Pro Health Billing offers both a web base and a desktop solution. Designed from the ground up with the latest technology we brought back simplicity. Pro Health Billing is an easy-to-use but efficient medical billing software that does most of the work for you. We offer what the ‘Big Guys’ have at the fraction of the cost! With a no commitment, add and subtract providers as needed you never have to pay for what you don’t need.

877.377.9055 . www.prohealthbilling.com


PUREDI is a software and services company dedicated to ensuring the financial success of medical practices with 100% cloud-based intelligent software and expert revenue cycle management services. With over two decades of providing medical billing and practice management services, PUREDI combines proven industry knowledge with the best of technology.

512.674.9001 . www.puredi.com

Revenue Healthcare Solutions, LLC

RHS strives to provide the highest level of service to your organization through administrative support and delivery of revenue cycle services. By utilizing our services, your company will significantly reduce days in AR. If you want to minimize cost to your organization and improve your bottom line, contact RHS today.

912.584-3810 .

Right Medical Billing

At Right Medical Billing, our passion is healthcare. We believe healthcare professionals should be able to focus on their own passions within the healthcare industry while still being able to succeed financially and professionally. That is why we become a part of your team, providing high quality revenue cycle management; from expert billing and coding, to workflow consultation, and complete patient billing from start to finish. We are the right financial partner to turn your quality patient care into positive cash flow.

800.508.4686 . www.rightmedicalbilling.com

South Central Medical Consulting

South Central Medical Consulting is a San Antonio based firm that provides billing, collection, and consulting services to manage medical practices. These services relieve medical professionals of tedious detail work, and offer a means to substantially maximize the practice’s bottom line. We offer a variety of highly personalized services, which can meet the needs of most any medical practice. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual and group practices and other health care entities. You can count on us for experience, reliability, performance, quality, and affordability.

210.615.6720 . www.scmbcs.com

Specialized Medical Billing & Consulting

Established in 2012, Specialized Medical Billing and Consulting is a medical billing and practice management consulting company committed to delivering unrivaled accuracy with the utmost integrity so that practitioners can focus on what matters most: PATIENT CARE. SMB has 80+ employees based in the US, with 200+ years of cumulative RCM experience. SMB is the best partner to handle all back-office functions for health-centered practitioners, creating the opportunity to achieve the highest level of revenue. SMB is a GSA-preferred contract vendor and has its WOSB certification. Overall, SMB provides a team of experienced coders and medical billing staff who perform to the highest standards to increase revenue and efficiency for their partner groups.

614.461.8154 . www.specializedmedbilling.com

The Valletta Group

The Valletta Group is a medical billing company dedicated to serving the true needs of physicians. At Valletta, each client receives a team of highly-experienced individuals that works to not only correct errors and inefficiencies, but prevent them from occurring in the future. Our system is full-service, software flexible, and customer service focused. We strive to work with the client’s preferred software platform and take on tasks other billing companies won’t, such as enrollment, denials, coding, and more. Our billing team works in-house and is always available to answer specific questions or concerns. We prioritize precision, consistency, and transparency in order to provide our clients with maximum long-term revenue.

888.874.7084 . www.thevallettagroup.com