Extra EHR MIPS Costs

Unfortunately, too many EHRs deliver costly surprises to meet MIPS.

Most practices understand that their EHR must meet certification requirements in order for the practice to meet Meaningful Use and/or MIPS requirements.  Their EHR must have capabilities such as DIRECT secure messaging, a Patient Portal, Quality Measure Reports and other functionality in order for the practice to meet Meaningful Use and/or score the highest on MIPS measures.

Unfortunately, after purchasing what they thought was a “complete” EHR, many practices are faced with extra costs from their vendor for items needed to comply with MU or maximize their MIPS score.

How can this be prevented?

  • When selecting your EHR request a statement of ALL possible costs required in order to meet MU and achieve a maximum MIPS score.
  • Investigate your potential EHR(s) on the government’s site (https://chpl.healthit.gov ) and make sure you view the Mandatory Disclosures URL for each EHR you are evaluating.  When you contract for an EHR print the disclosure (since it could change) and save it with your contract documents and in your MU/MIPS documentation folder).
  • For example, many EHR vendors charge extra for your QRDA (Quality Reports) and for DIRECT to communicate electronically with external providers.
  • Ensure that your EHR contract covers future changes for MU and MIPS and any associated costs.
  • Request a multi-year contract that includes all future items that may become required for MU and/or MIPS during the life of the contract.
  • Up your game and also ask for an early out provision so you can cancel the contract early with limited additional cost

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