MIPS “I’ll just take the penalty” Part 2

“I’ll just take the penalty” Part 2

In our recent blog post, we discussed some of the reasons providers have decided to ignore MIPS and take the penalty.  This week we examine some easier ways to approach MIPS and NOT just take the penalty.

So you’ve decided to bite the bullet and do MIPS?  Good for you!

What’s next?

  • Review MIPS on CMS’s website: https://qpp.cms.gov
  • Contact your EHR vendor and sign-up/learn about their MIPS resources.
  • Create your plan for your Quality Reporting. Check out our ideas on MIPS in this blog post.
  • Create a plan for meeting the Advancing Care Information (EHR based portion of MIPS). Check out our ideas in this blog post.
  • Decide if you want to go the extra mile and participate in Improvement Activities. Improvement Activities only account for 15% of your MIPS score.  Check out our ideas in this blog post.
  • As referenced in the linked blogs above, perhaps the most important “to do” is to ensure that key patient data points are included in your workflow and regular documentation procedures/entry in your EHR. As much as possible you want to make sure that data is captured in the normal patient flow and additional work is not needed!
  • Check your progress! Run applicable reports at least monthly and review your progress with your team.
  • Celebrate your success! If you participate in MIPS you should avoid the penalty, perhaps earn incentives and as an added benefit, improve patient care and satisfaction.