Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Sevocity ONC certified?

A: Sevocity® v.13.0 is ONC 2015 Edition Cures compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable eligible certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Q. How does Sevocity help with ICD-10 coding?

A: Sevocity customizes a Favorites list of ICD-10 categories and codes just for your clinic to help you quickly find the most commonly used diagnosis. In addition, we can build diagnoses into your templates. Also, Sevocity includes an ICD-10 master search that enables you to quickly find an applicable ICD-10 by body/organ system, text search, or from an ICD-9 code.

Q. How long has Sevocity/Conceptual MindWorks Inc. been in business?

A: Sevocity is a division of Conceptual MindWorks, Inc. (CMI). Sevocity has been in commercial use for 21 years, and CMI has been in business since 1990.

Q. What are Sevocity’s service policies and guarantees?

A: We provide live EHR customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for all customers at no additional charge. Sevocity Practice Management Support is provided Monday-Friday from 8 am – 5 pm central time. Support cases may be submitted during on-call hours for the following business day. Our contract guarantees system availability, and we have consistently exceeded those availability requirements. Automated systems and personnel constantly monitor Sevocity’s availability. The best industry standards are followed to ensure system availability, back-ups, and redundancy. As a result, we consistently average system availability of over 99.5%.

Q. What interfaces are included with Sevocity? What is the charge for new interfaces?

A: Sevocity already has interfaces for most labs, practice management systems, and many state immunization registries. We will also write new HL7 interfaces for most labs, practice management systems, hospitals, or equipment as needed. The regular Start-up and Monthly Fees include one practice management/billing interface. Additional interfaces are quoted as requested.

Q. Where can I use Sevocity? Is there a limit to the number of PCs I can use with Sevocity?

A: Sevocity can be accessed anywhere within the United States where you can access the Internet. Sevocity can be used on as many PCs/Macs/Windows Tablets as you want, and there is no extra charge. Sevocity is easy to set up and use from home, the hospital, or anywhere you need secure access to your charts.

Q. What if I lose my Internet connection while using Sevocity?

A: If you briefly lose your Internet connection, the encounter you are currently working on is temporarily stored on your computer and will re-sync with your database when your Internet connection is restored. Many practices also subscribe to their cellular/wireless carrier for a wireless card for their laptop or tablet. These cards are excellent for an Internet backup as they allow Internet access anywhere cell phone coverage is available. Because of this, many practices use the service on an ongoing basis, enabling them to access Sevocity and the Internet from virtually anywhere.

Q. Are there third-party costs for modules or components bundled with Sevocity? Will I need to buy some third-party products independently to make Sevocity perform as demonstrated?

A: There are no 3rd party costs for Sevocity or any of its functionality. Sevocity bears the cost of all 3rd party components. The cost of using these features and data is included in the regular monthly fees.

Q. How is Sevocity EHR implementation and training conducted? How long will it take until my practice is successfully up and running using Sevocity?

A: Implementation and training include workflow analysis, customizations, and web training. We can take most customers live within 4-6 weeks of contracting. After going live, the transition period depends upon the practice, personnel, and the ramp-up method selected. However, most practices are fully using Sevocity within 90 days of implementation.


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