Video Killed the Radio Star – and Other EHR Myths

A Google search of “EHRs are Terrible” has over 93,000 results.

In 1979 the group the Buggles released the song Video Killed the Radio Star (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwuy4hHO3YQ ).  The theme of the song was worrying about the effects of technology on music.

In a great twist of irony, the video made by the Buggles was aired two years later by MTV when it premiered in the US in 1981.

And years later Apple (with it’s iPod and iTunes), Spotify and others would have a great argument for anyone thinking radio or music was dead.

So now we sit in 2017 and EHRs are being killed by CMS and it’s evil creations Meaningful Use and MIPS.

EHRs existed well before Meaningful Use and many providers purchased an EHR to make their life easier, improve documentation and coding, etc. Why?

Lost in all the complexity of Meaningful Use and now MIPS are the great reasons a GOOD EHR can improve a provider’s day-to-day life such as:

  • Improved documentation
  • Medical alerts
  • Remote access
  • Improved coding and reduced denials

There is hope.  You can “have your cake and eat it too”.  Several EHRs, including Sevocity®, have high satisfaction ratings according to AmericanEHR (http://www.americanehr.com/Home.aspx ), an independent EHR rating service run by the American College of Physicians.

How do some EHRs achieve such high rates of customer satisfaction while others are the bain of their provider’s existence?  At Sevocity, we believe our customer satisfaction is built on:

  • A system designed for the provider – not the biller, not anyone else
  • Focus on workflow and ease of use first – bells and whistles later
  • 24/7/365 Live US-Based Customer Support – what good is your EHR if you have a question and can’t talk with someone?
  • Customization by practice and provider – no practice is exactly like another and no provider is exactly like another