published June 3, 2019

When Free Implementation Isn’t Free

We were recently approached by a prospective customer comparing our costs to another EHR’s fees.

published May 15, 2019

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

According to a Michigan Center for Effective IT Adoption study referenced by CMS on average EHR adoption costs $58,000 per provider over 5 years.

published March 25, 2019

Switching EHR – What’s Your Plan?

A 2018 study by Black Book found that 30% of practices switch EHRs within 3 years.  

published March 5, 2019

Practice Management Tip: Integrated Payment Processing/Merchant Services

Save time and improve accuracy by using your PM/Billing System integrated credit/debit/HSA/FSA payment processing.

published November 29, 2018

Leveraging your EHR for Hypertension Management

Hypertension management is one of the most frequently selected Quality Measures for MIPs. Whether you’re participating in MIPs or not, how can you go beyond the basics and leverage your …

published October 26, 2018

Are Practice Management/Billing System Transaction Fees Killing Your Practice?

Buried in the fine print of many PM contracts is the per-transaction fee when you exceed the limits included in your contract.  If the limits aren’t reasonable, the additional fees …

published September 25, 2018

MIPS – Revisiting the Penalties

Last year we did a blog post “I’ll Just Take the Penalty”.  What has changed or will change about the penalties?

published September 6, 2018

What is PDMP? How can my EHR help?

Most states now have laws requiring providers prescribing controlled substances to FIRST check their state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) website.

published August 1, 2018

Your Role in Maintaining Clinical Data Integrity

Why Clinical Data Integrity Matters Maintaining accurate data in a patient’s health record is integral to providing quality patient care and submitting valid reimbursement claims. From a clinical perspective, good …

published March 26, 2018

Why do EHRs go out of Business?

Are there red flags? What does the past tell us?