published July 18, 2016

Using Health Maintenance Reminders to Improve Your Bottom Line

Caring for patients is still the key to your bottom line – getting them in the office when they need to be seen. New payment models like MACRA also mean …

published July 12, 2016

Using EHR Templates to Reduce Provider Burn-out

Using EHR Templates to Reduce Provider Burn-out   A recent Time article linked EHRs to provider burn-out.

published February 26, 2016

The Future of Meaningful Use

The Future of Meaningful Use Is Meaningful Use ending? This is a question we’ve been hearing a lot lately (and not just from those who simply wish it would end). …

published January 15, 2016

1/1/2016 Attesting to 2015 Meaningful Use


published October 26, 2015

Step 1: Where Does it Hurt?

While there may be many reasons you are looking to change your EHR, take time to isolate the primary reasons that your EHR is negatively impacting your day-to-day routine. Some …

published January 8, 2015

The Latest on Free EHR Experiences

Free is awfully hard to compete with.

published January 5, 2015

Types and Benefits of ACO’s (Accountable Care Organizations)

An ACO is a group of physicians and other healthcare providers that join together to provide coordinated high quality patient care. The additional benefit of ACOs is that they are …

published December 8, 2014

What is PCMH and Why Become a PCMH Certified Provider?

A Patient Centered Medical Home is a Primary Care provider that agrees to coordinate care for their patients and adhere to certain guidelines and/or certification as designated by their payer(s).

published December 8, 2014

Why are Pay for Performance Plans Increasing in Popularity?

Part 1 –Why are Pay for Performance Plans Increasing in Popularity? The simple answer is that health insurers (including the US Government, which is the largest health insurer in the …

published November 25, 2014

How Much Will EHR Customer Service Cost?

Consider when you will need support and make sure to read the fine print. I thought about this topic after a prospective client matched Sevocity’s prices to another EHR they …