What is PDMP? How can my EHR help?

Most states now have laws requiring providers prescribing controlled substances to FIRST check their state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) website.

All states except Missouri run a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) designed to curb opioid abuse.   This somewhat dated article by Pew provides a great overview of why PDMPs were established: http://bit.ly/2wPvShd

Whether you agree with the use of PDMPs or not, most states require provider registration and usage.   In many states the penalties for failure to use the PDMP are ambiguous. However, one must wonder if failure to use your state’s PDMP could factor into malpractice claims or other litigation.

The rules vary by state and even in some cases by insurance (some states require checking for Medicaid patients but not others).  To review your state’s requirements, find your state on this list: http://bit.ly/2CowUqH

How can your EHR help?

Some EHRs, such as Sevocity, now offer PDMP integration.  So, instead of having to log into and check the state’s PDMP for the particular patient, when prescribing a controlled substance the EHR automatically accesses the state PDMP and displays the information for the patient within the EHR.

This saves time and likely increases compliance.  The access should also trigger a search record in the state’s PDMP access logs giving the provider “credit” for accessing the state’s PDMP.