Will Your EHR Vendor Blame You?

I came across a thread in an online forum today that highlights the dangers of trying to maintain your own client server EHR:

I periodically review EMRupdate.com, the most active forum on EHR.  Its gotten a little boring lately – with mainly a lot of discussion by physicians thinking about building their own EHR (yikes!) – but a new thread complaining about a vendor got my eye.

A physician started the thread with complaints of huge system problems after installing the vendor’s latest version.  They have now gone two weeks without being able to submit claims.  The CEO of the vendor replied on the forum, indicating that the likely problem was the physician had incorrectly set-up their software and/or incorrectly performed the upgrade.

Whether the vendor is right or not, the fact remains that the physician is still having tremendous problems and it is affecting his income.  The physician has also had to pay an IT consultant to do the upgrade and try and correct the problem and is still having problems.

With true ASP or Internet-based systems, you don’t have these problems.  The vendor maintains your system, including upgrades.  If there are system problems, you can expect the vendor to correct them and not blame you.  Something to think about when you’re shopping for a system.

For the actual link at EMRupdate, click here.

Catherine Huddle, VP Market Development