Weight Management Services

Have you considered offering Weight Management services?

As most know, obesity is growing in the United States

It’s no secret that patients trust their providers. A recent study published by ABOM confirmed that doctors, in fact, make a difference in their patients’ weight loss.

Because many insurance plans now cover weight loss services, and patients are often willing to come out of pocket for these services, you may want to consider offering a new line of business for weight loss.

Your EHR can help – a study published by Healio found that EHR based coaching helps patients maintain their weight loss.  While the study did not go into this level of detail, it implied that perhaps the information was also being shared with patients via the EHR’s portal.  

In addition to the intrinsic value of the documentation and follow-up capabilities, an EHR like Sevocity can provide weight management specific features that can make delivering such services more convenient and effective, such as:

  • Weight management appointment types and self-pay alerts (Sevocity Premier)
  • Templates specific to weight management visit types
  • Automated calculation of BMI and Body Surface Area
  • Automated graphing of weight and other associated vital signs
  • One-click favorite medications for weight management
  • Patient portal

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