Who Says CFOs are Boring?

Besides balancing Sevocity’s books, our CFO, Steve Feinstein, is a musician. His band, The Tim and Bob Show (don’t ask) is celebrating the release of its first CD “Take It Outside” with a special performance on Saturday, October 18 at the new Casbeers at the Church.

Although the band has been performing professionally since 2005, The Tim and Bob Show’s origins date back to 1999, when Steve and Kathy Feinstein first met Don and Mary Lou Hymel.  Since then, the band often has to explain why “Tim” and “Bob” were not also present at that meeting.  There’s no Tim or Bob in the band, but they keep getting asked about them. When asked, they usually just smile and say that it’s a Zen thing.

The Tim and Bob Show was voted “Best Cover Band” in the San Antonio Current’s first annual “Rammy” music awards. With “Take It Outside”, the band is now focusing on their own material; the CD features 12 original songs.