Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Sevocity’s new blog. Each week a different Sevocity team member will post a blog. Click on a Category and then the Blog heading – including this one – to read the full blog.  We welcome your comments.

Meet our team:

  • Elaine, our CEO: Elaine is an avid reader and her blog will review books and articles on customer service. She has 17+ years of entrepreneurial experience to compare and contrast with advice-laden books. When you read Elaine’s take, you’ll get a better idea of what Sevocity’s “outstanding customer support” means to you.
  • Mark, our COO and CIO: To learn how to make sure your software is easy to use, read Mark’s blog. Usability, or, “Embrace-ability!” to us at Sevocity is Mark’s specialty. He may also throw in some technical stuff from time-to-time.
  • Steve, our CFO: Steve’s blog is your guide to Sevocity; community outreach, corporate events and other happenings at Sevocity and our parent, CMI. Steve is with the #1 rated cover band in San Antonio and for a “Finance Guy”, he’s pretty cool.
  • Cathy, our Sales and Marketing VP: Want to know what your peers are thinking and how you compare? Read Cathy’s blog for the skinny on what she hears from all the providers out there thinking about purchasing Electronic Health Records.
  • Sonja, our resident guru about everything: Learn tips and tricks to make your EHR experience easy from someone who lives in the trenches. If you’re preparing for and/or implementing an EHR, Sonja will share her vast experience and provide roadmap to success with tips on the potholes to avoid.

Please subscribe to our RSS feed to get blog updates automatically. We look forward to seeing you here each week and receiving your comments.

The Sevocity Team.