Tips to Prepare for Interfacing

Mr. Black gave his EHR the name of the vendors that he required interfaces with.

The EHR made the appropriate calls to begin this process when Mr. Black called stating the vendor was requesting an exorbitant fee for interfacing with the EHR as they offered their own EHR solution. Mr. Black was unprepared to make this financial commitment. Mr. Black did not want to purchase the other vendors EHR as he participated in a trial version of the EHR and was unsatisfied. When he shared with the other vendor that he wanted to gather his data from the trial version to enter into his new EHR the other vendor again quoted Mr. Black a large fee. Without this interface, Mr. Black has his staff duplicating efforts by entering data into both systems. Nine months later, Mr. Black is still waiting for the other vendor to lower their interface cost and return his data from the trial version that his clinic participated in.

When choosing an EHR it is important to always think of the future, what happens if you choose to terminate the contract? How much does it cost to interface with other vendors? Is there a wait for other companies to make necessary changes to interface with your chosen EHR? Understanding your clinics needs for an interface and if that interface will fulfill those needs is a very important part of implementing an EHR.

Sonja Jimenez

Sevocity Customer Support and Clinical Sales Specialist