Thriving in these economic times…

Our national leaders are trying to find strategies to stimulate spending and get our economy going.

While some extremely large businesses are getting bailouts to keep them alive, small business like medical practices are dealing with these times like they do every day…they persevere.

The most nimble of small businesses are ready because they invest in themselves by putting their money back into their business.  So when economic times are tough, they have the tools and infrastructure in place to endure and compete.  This enables them to be efficient and effective in delivering services to their customers.  In the end, they will prevail over their competition.

For medical practices, the investment to have the edge over competition and be most efficient and effective in delivering the best care is in Electronic Health Records (EHRs).  At the dawning of EHRs there was some doubt about the positive impact an EHR can make on a practice.  Over time, there is definitive data which proves EHRs indeed streamlines workflow, increases revenue turnaround times and accurate billing.

Now is the time to invest in your small business by looking at EHR alternatives.  While you are looking, take a close look at internet based applications (also known as Application Service Providers “ASP” or Software As a Service “SAS”).  Your low upfront investment will certainly go a very long way and yield tremendous results for your practice.

Why put your hard earned dollars to work for others when you could invest in yourself and your practice.  After all, if you are investing in the stock market your dollars are going to other companies to develop their tools and infrastructure so they can be competitive.  And, now that we know what kind of salaries, bonuses and benefits these CEOs are making, why not put your money to work for you and have full control as to how those profits are spent.