The Election: Oh the Choices!

I can appreciate why a provider would not elect to move to Electronic Health Records (EHR).  It is a transition to be sure.  Change is never easy for anyone of us.

After careful consideration, and a provider or clinic elects to move to an EHR, the choices can make your head spin!   At Sevocity, we have chosen not to run a negative campaign, but to focus on our strengths, our differentiators – and how electing to choose Sevocity is the real, positive change you need to realize your prosperous journey.

So, here are my stump speaking points:

  • We are committed to setting the standard for service in this industry: responsive and ready to serve!  365/24/7 support at no additional cost!
  • We are committed to ease of use, so after electing Sevocity, you will actually be able to use it instead of having it sit on your shelf!
  • We are committed to low upfront capital costs and competitive monthly prices – all numbers disclosed on our website!  (We are not contributing to your deficit but helping your revenue!)
  • We are committed to consistently evolving Sevocity to better serve you with new features and functionality!  (New releases at no charge!)
  • We are committed to be with you through your transition and will do anything we can to help ease the pain.  (We are from Sevocity and we are here to help!)

I hope you will give us an opportunity to serve you in this way.

Elect Sevocity!

Please vote early and often!

This is Elaine Mendoza, Founder, President & CEO of Conceptual MindWorks, Inc and Sevocity and I approve this message