Step 1: Where Does it Hurt?

While there may be many reasons you are looking to change your EHR, take time to isolate the primary reasons that your EHR is negatively impacting your day-to-day routine. Some things to consider:

Cost: Is your EHR too expensive? Were you promised one price but come to find out after a year the price increased? Are you being charged for updates?
Decrease in Productivity: Have you noticed you are not seeing as many patients? Is it taking your staff too long to finalize things within your EHR?
Government Incentives/Meaningful Use/Certification: Does your EHR not meet the criteria for Government incentives? Is it too difficult to achieve MU with your current EHR?
Customer Support: Is support terrible? Is support hard to understand because it is outsourced to someone in another country? Is it not available 24/7?

This is a first/major step in your EHR switch process. Once you know where it hurts you can look for better a solution!