Provider Resources for the COVID-19 Pandemic

To assist all practices, whether or not they are a customer of ours, Sevocity® has created COVID-19 Provider Resources, a public webpage for all ambulatory providers: https://www.sevocity.com/covid-19-provider-resources/.  

The webpage aggregates COVID-19 links and resources from all major federal sources, including CDC, CMS, and HHS, in one place, as well as recent major COVID-19 actionable news for providers.

In addition, the following resources are being provided to Sevocity® customers:

  • COVID-19 Updates and Information Sevocity site (also available from the Sevocity Help Menu)
  • Medicare Telehealth Templates for E-Visit, Virtual Check-in and Telehealth visits
  • History of Present Illness (HPI) content for COVID-19 that can be further customized for the practice
  • Automatically added the new COVID-19 CPT code to all customer clinics
  • Fast-tracking new location requests for Telemedicine
  • Brief videos on documenting and coding telehealth, setting up Favorite assessments and orders for COVID-19 and more
  • Proactive calls to customers most likely to need COVID-19 support (geriatricians and other primary care)
  • Continuing our unlimited free customization services for customers
  • Continuing our free live US-Based Telephone Support 24 hours/day, seven days/week

Sevocity is committed to supporting Providers with resources to facilitate patient care and to streamline their workflow at no additional cost.