Setting up clinic processes during the implementation phase

Mr. Orange did everything possible to prepare for the scheduled day of training with his EHR.

The implementation coach sent him an agenda that they both agreed upon for the day. When the implementation coach arrived on the scheduled day, Mr. Orange began asking questions about how his clinic would utilize the EHR to perform particular functions. During the training more of these questions arose and the agenda soon became obsolete. At the end of the day, Mr. Orange recognized that he had not talked with his EHR vendor to discuss the clinics workflow when preparing the agenda for training. The clinics staff was left feeling frustrated and nervous about what to expect when the date came to “Go Live”.

Having your EHR vendor perform a workflow analysis is very beneficial in preparing for your clinics training date. A workflow analysis also allows for you to define the areas of your practice that may need to be altered before implementing your chosen EHR.