Purchasing an EHR on Impulse

Mr. White is in the market for an EHR that supports an ASP or application services provider.

Mr. White revealed to the sales team upon meeting for a demonstration of their EHR that he purchased an EHR in the past that was client server based and failed at implementing the system. Mr. White shared that this EHR cost his organization over 350,000.00, not to include additional fees associated with training, updates, and support. When the sales team inquired about the decision for this purchase, Mr. White admitted that the EHR implementation team had grown wary of looking at demonstrations of products and choose based upon what he referred to as “bells and whistles”.


Choose an EHR based not only on features but on what is included in the cost. Offering customization, upgrades or new versions to the product, interfaces with other products, training and support at no additional or minimal fees are becoming the standard. Asking for references and calling them once given is a opportunity to gather the companies history from its current customers, who better to offer unbiased information.

Sonja Jimenez

Customer Support and Clinical Sales Specialist