Planning for MIPS 2020

Did 2019 slip by and find you with little to no Quality Measure reports? Or worse, missing essential Promoting Interoperability requirements? Or did you punt on MIPS altogether because it seemed too complicated?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome”attributed to Benjamin Franklin and others

We get it. MIPS is not fun. You want to practice medicine. But, much like the peas on your plate as a child, MIPS is not going away. And worse, the penalty is now 9% of Medicare reimbursements for 2020* – at a time when the average provider’s net profit on Medicare is only 13%. By not participating, you are giving up nearly 3/4ths of your net Medicare profit.

Now that I’ve made you wish you’d gone to culinary school instead of medical school let’s talk about the good in MIPS. Those peas aren’t that bad after all!

MIPS – The Good about Participation:

  • Avoid the 9% penalty
  • Receive additional incentive $s from Medicare
  • Get rewarded for using measures (and tools) that improve your patient’s health and welfare

I’m convinced!  What do I need to do?

  1. Start now!  If you want to avoid the 9% penalty for 2020* you need to start as early as possible
  2. Use a checklist
  3. Schedule a follow-up – make a date with yourself to check your MIPS results at least quarterly, ideally monthly.

Learn how easy it can be and get your questions answered!

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*CMS reduces/increases payments on a 2 year lag – 2020 MIPS participation will impact 2022 Medicare payments.