Physician Owned Practice Trends

A new study published by the AMA sheds new light on practice size and ownership trends.

The AMA’s recent study “New Data on Physician Owned Practice Arrangements finds that:

  • The percentage of physician owned practices dropped 8 percentage points from 2007-2008 to 2012
  • 53.2% of practices are still owned by physicians
  • Hospitals appear most interested in Family Practice, Pediatrics and Multi-specialty groups with 71.8% of single specialty practices remaining under physician ownership.
  • An estimated 18.4% of physicians are in solo practice, a significant drop from over 40% in 1983.

Sevocity has seen less than 1% of our private practices purchased by hospitals over the last year. Conversely, we are seeing strong provider growth among our practices – an indicator that a good EHR may help private practices remain strong and grow. We are currently studying that growth and will release a report by the end of the year.

C Huddle – VP, Market Development