Moving from Easy to Embrace-able

Most of us know what it means to find a new product that is easy to use.  We have a need, we see a product/service, we buy it, we don’t read any instructions, and Poof it just works.

Simple, intuitive, stress-free, value; are all words that come to mind when we experience this type of product/service.  However, even with these type of products, over time their value may diminish as our needs change and we find ourselves faced with beginning the “Hunt” all over again.

What does it mean for a product/service to transition from “Easy” to “Embraceable”?  Embraceable technology has the ring of an oxymoron.  However, when the notion starts at the very core of a team’s values it really has nothing at all to do with technology – it’s simply people serving people.  Yet, there must be a vision created for Embrace-ability.

An Embraceable product/service anticipates needs, problems, customer pain and this can only be accomplished by people who have been there – living the experience.  Embrace-ability starts with knowing your customer’s business – then taking the concept to new levels to eliminate every possible barrier to success.  Yes, the technology must be intuitive, it must not get in the way.  However, it is technology and by it’s very nature things break, that’s when the adventure of Embrace-ability begins!

The ole fashion way simply means that talking to someone who understands technology & understands your environment is always better than any alternative.  Then, you incorporate tools which allow real people to monitor the customer experience continually.  Not just availability monitoring, although that is important, but ways to anticipate when additional training is needed based on how the product is being used by every member of the customer team.  Ways to anticipate when the customer’s Internet service may be struggling BEFORE the customer calls.  Ways to incorporate new capability while keeping existing workflow changes to a minimum – all the while the product grows with the customer’s ever-changing needs.

Fundamentally, Embrace-ability is simply – Do unto the Customer as we would do unto ourselves.  Take every opportunity to exceed the customer’s expectations rather than being satisfied with simply meeting them.  Sticking to our core values – people serving people.

– Mark Holliday, Chief Operating Officer