Meaningful Use Cost Statements

Vendors are supposed to conspicuously include information on additional costs a provider would pay to implement the EHR in order to attempt to meet MU objectives.

The EHR incentive program [45 CFR § 170.523(k)(1)] requires that EHR developers “conspicuously include certain information on their Websites and in all marketing materials, communications statements …(which) includes any additional types of costs that an eligible professional (EP) would pay to implement a Complete EHR’s capabilities in order to attempt to meet meaningful use objectives and measures.”

If you peruse some of the Stage 2/2014 Vendor’s cost statements online you will find:

  • Several vendors that have not included a cost statement anywhere on their website
  • Several have only included the cost statement on their Meaningful Use press release – and finding the press release is not easy
  • Some vague cost statements such as:
    • “…ongoing and/or one-time license and/or service fees covering the right to use the in-scope solutions, support, and requested standard implementation, integration, and consulting services. Required connectivity for transmitting patient data will require one-time costs, ongoing service fees, and/or transaction-based fees.”
    • “…data conversion and setup, implementation and training, and ongoing support services.”

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” – Andre Malraux

If an EHR vendor cannot or will not comply with this rule by presenting their additional cost information directly and clearly one has to wonder what they are hiding.

C Huddle – VP, Market Development