How Can Your EHR Vendor Improve Your Go-Live?

A recent survey pointed to some best practices for Go-Live – how can EHR vendors help?

The study published by Medical Economics pointed to several EHR Go-Live best practices in the areas of Workflow, Patient Engagement and Technology and System Maintenance. Many of these were ideas centered on the practice but several are either dictated or enhanced by the vendor, including:

Reviewing and evaluating your current workflow:

  • Does your EHR vendor assist with this?
  • Does your EHR vendor customize system settings or provide advice and training based on your workflow?

Scanning in paper documents:

  • Does your EHR vendor provide suggestions and tools?
  • Is there an extra cost to store your paper records?

Patient engagement:

  • Is there an extra cost for the patient portal?
  • Is there an extra cost for patient education?

Technology and system maintenance:

  • Does your EHR handle system maintenance for you?
  • Is there an extra charge for new releases?
  • Will the EHR company build templates for you? Is there an extra cost?
  • Can you keep your current billing system and just interface it?

When selecting an EHR vendor understand how potential vendors will help you with these items and talk with recently implemented customers to find out about their experiences.

C Huddle – VP, Market Development