Have a clear understanding of the Services Agreement before you sign!

The clinic administrator, Mr. Blue, was given the responsibility of choosing an EHR for his clinic.

Mr. Blue saw several EHR presentations and felt that he made the right decision. Willingly, Mr. Blue took the role of the lead contact for implementation. He chose a “Go Live” and setup training. When the clinic received their first invoice, Mr. Blue was surprised at the unexpected fees that had been added. Mr. Blue contacted the EHR and asked of these charges and was told to refer to the contract that he signed. Upon doing this he learned that the EHR charged additional fees for items such as additional training, after hours support calls, customization, and receiving his clinic data upon termination of the contract.  Mr. Blue recognized that although he made every effort to follow a detailed implementation plan, he omitted reading and understanding the most important feature, the contract.

Choose an EHR that offers your clinic data at no additional or minimal charge and is returned in the industry standard format upon termination or expiration of contract. An EHR that has separation fees that is not in the thousands of dollars. Friendly contracts have a cap of 5-15% at the end of the services agreement as to not create an exorbitant raise in monthly service fees.

Sonja Jimenez

Sevocity Customer Support and Clinical Sales Specialist