GoLive Day: The True Test of Embracability

Today is GoLive for Sevocity EHR in a medium size multi-speciality, multi-clinic, medical organization. What Fun!  No really, this is a blast… Here it is Monday morning.  The clinic is fully aware this is the ominous GoLive Day for their new EHR.  The looks on their faces at the beginning of the day is not excitement… it is more like an obligatory, tense, unsure, forced smile.  You have seen these smiles before, much like the looks on our kids faces as they start a new school.  In many ways GoLive Day & Judgement Day may very well be one and the same!

Patients fill the waiting room… the clipboards are noticeably missing… the front desk checks-in the first patient… and here we go.  Charts are opened with a click… prescriptions are refilled in an instant… there is even a joyous cheer as the first script comes off the printer for the patient.  Planned workflows are not second nature yet, however, you can see everyone “gets it”.  Questions arise and before we can make it over to their computer many times, they have answered their own questions.

As we return from lunch the tension has vanished.  We begin the process of tuning the workflows with lots of humor… and an overall feeling of success.  It is truly an exhilarating feeling to see looks of apprehension literally melt into excitement as the clinic embraces their new EHR.  From the front desk… to the nursing staff… to the providers themselves, in the course of one day the ominous beast has been tamed… no embraced.  Now this is real fun!

Mark Holliday (on his motorcycle, at a clinic, somewhere in the Southwest… Oh yes & did I mention having fun?)