ePrescribing in the News Again

ePrescribing continues to make the news.  One reason is the HHS/Medicare program that offers an additional 2% but there are more reasons.

MSN recently published another story on the benefits of ePrescribing.  The article points out how ePrescribing reduces prescription errors.  It also mentions the benefits when ePrescribing is used as part of an eletronic health record – EHR or EMR.

ePrescibing is now inlcuded with most EHRs and is a CCHIT 2007 requirement.  Howvever, make sure your EHR vendor also includes the cost (as Sevocity does).

What are some of the benefits of ePrescribing we have heard from our providers:

  • The expected additional 2% reimbursement from Medicare (and the lack of the reimbursement reduction in future years if you’re not using ePrescribing).
  • Patients enjoy going to the pharmacy after their visit and having their medication ready to be picked up – no waiting.
  • If there is a problem filling the medication the pharmacy will often notify the physician’s office immediately – before the patient has left.  This allows for substitution or changing to another pharmacy.
  • Accuracy.
  • Physicians can ask the pharmacies to turn off those pesky faxes requesting refills.  The pharmacy can submit the requests electronically and it comes into the EHR for review and approval or denial.

Send us you comments with the benefits of ePrescribing you have found!

Catherine Huddle, VP Market Development