EHR EMR Ratings and Reviews

The best source for unbiased EHR/EMR Ratings and Reviews is free and comprehensive.  Every practice considering buying EHR/EMR should review it.

KLAS (www.KLASresearch.com) is a great source for comprehensive customer reviews and ratings of EMR/Electronic Medical Record (also called EHR or Electronic Health Record) systems.  KLAS also includes customer reviews and ratings of many other health information technology products and services, including practice management systems, hospital systems and more.

KLAS asks customers to rate the vendor on over 40 topics including Support, Implementation, Contracting, Functionality and Ease of Use.  KLAS validates the customer’s authenticity before publishing ratings but the source of all published information is anonymous.  Products can be compared side by side and a variety of views are available, including a stop light view that allows you to quickly compare vendors and note strengths and weaknesses.  Comments from customers are also published.

In order to use KLAS you must rate at least one of your current products (such as your practice management system).  However, the EHR/EMR vendor(s) you are considering can also produce a “promotional use” PDF of selected KLAS ratings and comments for their product compared to other products you may be considering.

Many companies, including ours, participate in KLAS not only to give our prospective customers insight into our current customer’s satisfaction but also to monitor trends and current feedback from our customers.  For example, we created a web class a few months ago on a feature that a customer reported in KLAS that we “didn’t have” (that we did have) in order to educate all our customers on the availability of the feature and how to use it.  That is just one of the ways we have used our customer’s feedback.

C Huddle, VP, Market Development