Do you want to practice Medicine or Computer Hardware Technician?

Did you go to med school to practice medicine or learn how to maintain an EMR/EHR?  Will you generate more revenue seeing patients or maintaining your system’s hardware?

I ran across the following thread on an EMR forum today:


This is an example of why a critical part of your EMR/EHR decision should be client-sever or Internet-based.  The providers in this thread have client-server systems and must decide how to best upgrade and maintain those systems.

Whether the provider themselves does this maintenance or hires someone to do it, with a client-server system the servers must be maintained – including upgrades and new servers from time to time.

If you are considering purchasing a client-server system, make sure you get a copy of the vendor’s handbook for server and system maintenance and be prepared to follow the instructions.  The contract probably requires you to do so in order to receive support from the vendor and to hold the vendor accountable for their deliverables.  Regardless of the contract, you also want to do everything you can to make sure the system is always up and running and backed up.

C Huddle, VP, Market Development