Customer Service and ASP

Elaine Mendoza, Founder and CEO of Sevocity, shares her thoughts on why healthcare Providers are amazing individuals and need quality services to help them serve others.

Physicians and their clinical teams are amazing.  With reimbursements shrinking, the need to see more and more patients in a given day, regulations in constant flux yet always  enforced, and oh yes, taking care of the health needs of patients who sometimes need emotional support as well as healing.  These days, times are tough and days are long for physician practices.  The bulk of our nation’s healthcare system rests on the backs of these men and women who are seeing patients in the ambulatory setting and feeling the brunt of all these dynamics.  Aren’t we lucky people have chosen to use their God-given talents in this way?

So, we at Sevocity must always remember, we are a small part in helping our customers complete their most important mission.  Sevocity as a tool then, must facilitate the process and make life better for physicians and their team. This means having a product which is easy to use, affordable, secure and is dynamic in that we respond to and grow with our customers and the demands on them.  And, because they truly never close, we must not either.

As part of our 24/7/365 support services delivered to every customer, I have answered calls late at night whether it be a week night or weekend, on Father’s Day and Thanksgiving Day; our customers were working to heal others.  Although the questions were quick to answer, they needed us to be there for them so they could carry out their healing mission; the day or time of day were inconsequential to them.

For these reasons, I am focused on making sure our team never losses sight of what our customers are going through and how we must serve them whether through answering support calls or through the ease of use of our secure system and committing to evolve it to better serve them.

These practices are amazing, being chosen to support them in this way is a privilege we will not take for granted.

Elaine Mendoza, CEO and Founder of Sevocity, division of Conceptual MindWorks, Inc.