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FINAL NOTICE: Sevocity Will Not Work on Windows 7 After 1/13/2020

Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft after 1/13/2020 and allowing Windows 7 computers to access Sevocity would be a HIPAA violation. If you are using Microsoft Windows 7 on any of your computers that run Sevocity, it’s time to upgrade to avoid disruption in your Sevocity service. Click here for more information.

Two states (New York and Pennsylvania) already require Scheduled drugs to be prescribed via Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS). In addition, six states are set to join Wal-Mart in requiring Opioids* only to be written via EPCS effective 1/1/2020.

Arizona – http://bit.ly/2oFwG8p
Florida – http://bit.ly/2IQrYLP
Iowa – http://bit.ly/32dfMMQ
North Carolina – http://bit.ly/2Bc0oEA
Oklahoma – http://bit.ly/2IResHT
Rhode Island – http://bit.ly/2Bc0j3K

*All of these states are limiting Opioids to EPCS. Some are requiring EPCS for all Schedule II medications, including Opioids.