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EPCS Update

Below are the upcoming state deadlines for EPCS.  If you have not yet signed up for EPCS, please reach out to Zach Green as soon as possible:

  • 9/30/2021: Washington
  • 10/1/2021: Michigan
  • 1/1/2022: California, Indiana, Maryland, Nebraska, Utah

If you have received a new mobile device. Before trading in your old smartphone or tablet, remember to retain access to your software token, so you don’t have to repeat the Identity Proofing Process.

When you get a new device, follow these steps:

  1. Keep your old phone and software token.
  2. Download the VIP Access app on your new phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. Add a new software token to your account from the provider dashboard at https://ui.epcsdrfirst.com/pob/login.
  4. Use the PIN from your old software token to add the new token, so you don’t have a gap in service or need to take additional steps.
  5. As a reminder, we recommend you have two authentication devices attached to your account. This can be a physical authentication token from Symantec or OneSpan, and one software token on your mobile device, or any combination of the two.