Consider the cost of equipment when budgeting for your EHR

Mr. Red scheduled an implementation coach to be present the day his clinic is scheduled to “Go Live”.

The implementation coach discovered that Mr. Red purchased one computer that was meant for three nurses to share and a scanner that only supported single page scanning for the front office. The nurses fell behind with their work, the front office had several papers that needed to be scanned into the patients chart, and, needless to say, Mr. Red was not happy with his “Go Live” day.

When deciding the actual cost of implementing an EHR, the cost of equipment must be part of that cost. Typically, any staff member that accesses patient health information would need access to the EHR via a platform of some type. This could be a tablet pc, laptop, desktop, even a MAC in some instances. If your clinic has a large volume of paperwork via fax, mail, or previous paper charts, it is important to have a scanner that supports heavy volume scanning. Purchase equipment that will allow your clinic to function at its desired pace.

Sonja Jimenez

Customer Support and Clinical Sales Specialist