Are customers in the driver’s seat?

Years ago you bought a Practice Management system (PM) based upon registration, appointment and billing features.

Maybe the vendor you selected had an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system but even if they did, you may not have been ready to evaluate, let alone implement, the EHR.

Now you’re ready to look into EHR so you may have looked at your PM vendor’s EHR as well as others.

What happens if you decide another vendor’s EHR is actually more robust, easy to use and affordable than the EHR offered by your PM vendor?  Should you have the choice to purchase another EHR and keep your existing PM?  Is it OK if your PM vendor won’t cooperate with a different EHR vendor?   And if the PM vendor does not cooperate, what options do you have?  Will the lack of cooperation encourage you to change PM vendors?

Without a doubt, it may be difficult for one vendor to work with a vendor which may be perceived as a competitor.  However, in the interest of the customer, PM vendors should work with the customer’s chosen EHR vendor to make it a successful experience for the customer.

It has been proven many times over, the interfacing of two different systems works well for customers.  Vendors need to work together for the sake of their mutual customer.  In the long run, working on behalf of the customer will be positive for both vendors.  Vendors just cannot go wrong with a happy customer.

After all, when it comes to making vendor choices, customers are in the driver seat.