10 Keys to a Successful Implementation

What are the 10 most important things a practice can do to prepare for a successful EHR implementation once the decision has been made?

  1. Contract- review in detail and ask Account Manager if there are any questions.
  2. Designate a clinic leader/point of contact for Implementation.
  3. Decide upon tentative Go Live date.  Work with the vendor’s implementation leader to plan key milestone dates to achieve planned Go Live date.
  4. Hardware- Review hardware requirements and compare to planned equipment.  Order and install any additional hardware. Utilize vendor’s support team to assist with recommendations.
  5. Work with the vendor’s support team to review and document clinic workflow.
  6. Interfaces- PMS, Labs, etc.  Provide name of software, version number and vendor contact for PM and other systems.  Contact lab and other vendor representatives to request their end of interfaces.
  7. Download/install vendor applications when provided by vendor.  Ensure all users have been set up.
  8. Complete the customization information and submit timely to vendor. Review training manuals. Provide clinic logos and standard letters.
  9. Set aside dedicated time and attention for training as scheduled.  Unfocused, rushed and inadequate concentration on training is the best way to ensure a bad transition.  The time dedicated to training will be well worth it when it leads to a smoother Go Live and transition to EHR.  Training should be completed as closely as possible to the anticipated Go Live date.
  10. Call vendor implementation coordinator immediately with any questions or concerns.

Sonja Jimenez, Implementation Specialist