published November 28, 2017

The Disconnect Between Reasons Providers Look for a New EHR and their Selection Criteria for the new EHR

Are providers who search for their new EHR with the wrong criteria destined to repeat the same mistakes?

published November 13, 2017

10 MIPS Questions to Ask your EHR Vendor

In August 2017, Medical Economics ran an article, 10 Questions to Ask your EHR Vendor to Prepare for MIPs. What are Sevocity’s Answers?  

published November 8, 2017

Does your EHR have Headlight Wipers?

Are you looking for the wrong things in your EHR?

published October 30, 2017

Extra EHR MIPS Costs

Unfortunately, too many EHRs deliver costly surprises to meet MIPS.