System Requirements


Internet Minimum Requirements:
High Speed Internet is recommended for a small to medium sized office.

Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet PC Minimum Requirements:

    • Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent, 1GHz or faster
      • Qualcomm Snapdragon and any other ARM processors are not supported
      • Apple M1 Chip Is Supported
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 500 MB available disk space
    • 1024 X 768 SVGA monitor
    • 64-bit OS

The front end portion of Sevocity is designed to be installed on a local workstation per each user. In support of HIPAA security standards a user can only be logged into one Sevocity session and workstation at a time.

Sevocity is not designed to be utilized as a shared network application, nor for day-to-day remote access use via RDP, thin clients, etc. Such configurations are not supported.

Desktop/Laptop/Tablet Operating System
Sevocity currently supports the following:

  • Windows: 10, 11
  • Mac OS: Monterey and Big Sur

Tablet PC Recommendations:
We recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Book. Other tablets might be compatible with Sevocity if the tablet utilizes a supported version of Microsoft Windows OS and supports Java applications. For clarification on the compatibility of your particular tablet, please contact your Sevocity Support team.

Apple iPad:
Sevocity is not currently supported on the iPad due to the iPad’s requirement that apps must be listed in the Apple App Store and the iPad’s lack of support for Java.

  • Several tablet computers such as the Microsoft Surface which are similar in size, weight and functionality to the iPad, are compatible with Sevocity.

Document Scanners:
Scanned documents stored on a patient’s computer or network can be imported into Sevocity regardless of the scanner used to scan the document. The following scanners are supported by Sevocity for direct scanning from within the Sevocity application while using a supported Windows operating system. Other twain compliant scanners may also work within the Sevocity application, however only the following scanners are officially supported:

Fujitsu FI – 7160

  • High priced scanner. Not compatible with Mac OS.

Brother ADS-3100

  • Low priced scanner. Not compatible with Sevocity for Mac OS but Brother scanner software will work on Mac.

Barcode Scanners for Immunizations:
Sevocity is compatible with 2D Data Matrix Barcodes Scanners.  No specific scanner is recommended; however, consideration should be given to clinical usage and workload as some barcode scanners are designated for rugged usage to improve tolerance to dust, moisture, and drops.

Interface Requirements:
Practice Management and other systems that do not use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) will require a small local server which may be configured and supplied by Sevocity.

Uploaded File Limitations:
Individual files are limited to 4 MB. Total file storage is unlimited.  DICOM links are available to facilitate linking to PACS and other systems more appropriate for storing large images. The maximum file size may be increases up to 20MB for an additional fee.  Please contact your Sevocity Support team for more information.


System Requirements are the same for the EHR portion of the system except for the following additional supported items:

ID/Insurance Card Scanners:
The following scanner is supported by Sevocity for direct scanning from within the Sevocity PM application while using a supported Windows operating system. Other twain compliant scanners may also work within the Sevocity PM application, however only the following scanner is officially supported:

ScanShell 800DXN Duplex Scanner 


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