EHR Education

Sevocity EHR is committed to facilitating the needs of today’s healthcare IT industry with a suite made for EHR Education – Sevocity U.

Through our innovative program, Sevocity EHR is available to select educational organizations for no charge.  With Sevocity’s cloud-based design, academic organizations will not bear the cost of servers, additional hardware, or infrastructure expenses. Students will be able to access Sevocity remotely, which is ideal for today’s online-based learning model.

Sevocity U is currently in place throughout the US in multiple academic institutes from High Schools to Universities.

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Sevocity U Program

For more information or to apply for the Sevocity U program click the link below.

Call: (877) 777-2298

Email: sales@sevocity.com

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Committed to Education

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Committed to Education