Sevocity’s EHI Export capabilities enable the extraction of the electronic health record (EHR) from Sevocity in the form of an “rar” file which contains files in a machine-readable format in accordance with §170.315(b)(10) – Electronic Health Information export of the ONC 2015 Edition Cures Update Certification Criteria. 

 EHI Export Format and Structure Details 

 The EHI Export will be delivered in a encrypted rar file. The folder structure of the rar file is as follows. 



/{Sevocity Customer ID}/README.txt

Contains the Documentation URL (directs to this page)

/{Sevocity Customer ID}/DocumentData/{Patient ID}/

The folder that contains All of the document and/or image data like PDF’s JPEG’s, PNG’s etc.

The Patient ID is an internal value unique to each patient. The PatientsDemographics.csv file included with the extract will associate each patient with their unique Patient ID.

In the {Patient ID} folder, the patient’s chart summary is a file named “summary.pdf”. The {Patient ID} folder will also contain any other documents grouped into a subfolder of related documents, for example “admissions”, “finalizedencounters”, “referrals”, etc.

/{Sevocity Customer ID}/Resources/

The folder that contains all of the FHIR resources in .ndjson format.

The DocumentReference resources with a type.coding.code of “11503-0” will have a content.attachment.url that is a relative path to the document in the /DocumentData/ folder

For detailed information on the schema of the FHIR resources please see
Sevocity FHIR API Documentation

/{Sevocity Customer ID}/PatientsDemographics.csv

A csv file with all patient demographics