Our Billing Partners

To be better serve our clients, Sevocity partners with several stand-out practice management/billing systems and will develop a bi-directional HL7 interface with any practice management system.

Partnership Application

If you interested in becoming a partner, please fill out our Partner’s Form. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Chandler Price at cprice@sevocity.com.

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Flat Rate Medical Billing

The only one benefiting from percentage based billing is your billing service. STOP paying the “Physician Billing Tax”, a confiscatory practice of charging a percentage of collections, a tax, on every hard earned dollar. With our flat rate structure, physicians pay only a small fee per claim or statement, regardless of the amount paid by insurance or the patient. We’ll still offer a percentage (tax) contract if that makes you more comfortable, but we highly recommend the new deal. Top notch personal service and support is provided either way. Our HL7 bidirectional interface for Sevocity clients is FREE.

904.737.5554 . www.flatratemedicalbilling.com


Since 1986, HeW has been bridging healthcare connections between patients, providers and payers. HeW offers revenue cycle management solutions and clearinghouse services to streamline processes and improve cash flow. HeW is a partner you can trust to deliver the best service in the industry.

877.565.5457 . www.hewedi.com

Medical Management Solutions

The mission of Medical Management Solutions is to provide Management and Administrative support services to healthcare organizations. Utilizing the collective knowledge of our team, we will increase the profitability of healthcare organizations and allow them to focus on the delivery of healthcare.

Medical Management Solutions thrives by capturing the collective knowledge of our staff and translating that into success for each of our customers. Our success has been predicated on developing a successful management model that can be replicated at other offices.

888.692.4915 . www.med-manage.com

Pro Health Billing

Pro Health Billing offers both a web base and a desktop solution. Designed from the ground up with the latest technology we brought back simplicity . Pro Health Billing is an easy-to-use but efficient medical billing software that does most of the work for you. We offer what the ‘Big Guys’ have at the fraction of the cost! With a no commitment, add and subtract providers as needed you never have to pay for what you don’t need.

877.377.9055 . www.prohealthbilling.com