“I just wanted you to know how appreciative and grateful I am for all of your tireless efforts for our implementation. Your team is amazing!” – Julie R, Nevada

“I wouldn’t change my EHR from Sevocity if someone paid me to get another EHR” – Dr. Adriana M Castro, MD, Miami, FL

“Just wanted to tell you that I love this EMR system!” – Dr. Rodolfo Barrera, Pediatric Care of Austin

“Everyone we have had contact with has been exceptionally receptive to our questions and to our needs. Sevocity has a great staff and we are pleased with the quality of service that we have received.  You have a top-notch organization, and it’s always a pleasure working with your team” – C. S., Office Manager, Oklahoma Surgical Practice

“Working with Sevocity to deliver electronic lab results and support our customers is night and day from working with other Electronic Health Record vendors.  Sevocity is the day part.” – Mauro Guerra, CEO, Pathology Reference Laboratories, TX

“I just wanted to let you know it was a pleasure working with our Sevocity trainer.  Her knowledge of your system is amazing.  She was a huge help to our office and worked great with our staff.” – Sheila Lienau, RN, Office Manager, Valley Medical Center, TX

“I recently had to deal with a virus on our local server.  Fortunately we were able to continue to see patients because of Sevocity (and because it is not on a local server!).  I am so glad we went with Sevocity for our EHR.” – Lyndell Starkovich, Office Manager, Corwin Clinic Surgical, CO

“I am very pleased with my choice of Sevocity as my certified casinoluck.ca EHR.  It is the perfect balance of functionality and affordability for my small practice.  The customer service has been great and the system has all the capabilities I need for future growth.  I recommend Sevocity without reservation.” – Dr. M. Mayes DuBose, Sumter, SC

“I selected Sevocity primarily because I could easily customize it to my preferences and I could move through the chart much easier than with other EHRs that I have used in the past.” – Dr. Scott Matson, Women’s Health Center, Tazewell, TN

“I am a very satisfied client.  I love the price, the product and especially how helpful Support has been.  Sevocity has been so easy to use that my wife was able to start working with me without any medical experience.  She loves the clear and organized chart flow.  I have recommended Sevocity to my friends looking for an EHR.  Sevocity is also a much better value than the other Ob/Gyn EHR that I considered.” – Dr. Vincente Sanchez, Ob/Gyn, Beeville, TX

“Sevocity fits my brain, which is why I like it.  It’s intuitive and can be structured in many different ways.” – Dr. Ty Thomas, Ispine Pain Specialists, Birmingham, AL

“We looked at a number of EHRs and Sevocity stood out from the pack. Sevocity’s willingness to work with us on customization for our specific needs and their overall flexibility made the decision very easy.” – Lemar Marshall, Chief Operating Officer, North Oaks Ob-Gyn, Hammond, LA

“You guys will never know from a client’s perspective how fortunate we are to finally find a company which cares about the client and to follow through so thoroughly to make certain all is working and up and running.  We are so excited about Sevocity and are on the edge of 100% use of the software.  Thank you so much for your caring and support.  We appreciate this so very much. Of course, it would have been a blessing to have had Sevocity many years ago.  Oh well!  C’est la vie!  We are happy to have you now.  Looking forward to working with you.  Stay as professional as you all are!  Thank you.” – B White, Calvin White M.D., Opelousas, LA

“We have enjoyed working with Sevocity and feel very confident in recommending it to our clients.” – Brian A Agnew, MBA, Catalyst Consulting, Austin, TX

“The Sevocity EHR provides all the tools needed to efficiently complete the documentation on our new and follow up surgical patients.  The templates are flexible and easy to create.  The support has been excellent, and it has allowed us to achieve meaningful use benchmarks.” – Mark S. Shachner, M.D., F.A.C.S., South Florida Surgical Specialist