Our Company

Sevocity is a combination of two words: seven, which signifies good luck or prosperity and velocity, which means speed or journey. Together, they create prosperous journey. Our mission is to facilitate a prosperous journey for our customers.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Sevocity is a division of Conceptual Mindworks, Inc. (CMI). CMI specializes in providing exceptional biotechnology and medical informatics services and solutions. CMI is a recognized leader developing healthcare technology and has supported Department of Defense initiatives since 1990.

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9830 Colonnade Blvd., Suite 377
San Antonio, TX 78230-2202

Toll Free: (877) 777-2298

Sales: sales@sevocity.com
Support: support@sevocity.com



Conceptual MindWorks, Inc (Sevocity parent) Founded


Sevocity’s First Live Customer


First Certification (CCHIT)


Sevocity expands to 10 States


First Meaningful Use Certification


Sevocity expands to 40 States

Our Vision

Our vision for EHR is simple –  Electronic Health Records should be easy to implement, easy to use and affordable.  You should be able to call for support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and talk live with an expert based in the United States. EHRs should:

Be easy to adopt, affordable and easy to use by every provider in the US.

Readily, easily and inexpensively share patient information with other health information systems and entities including practice management systems, labs, hospitals, state registries, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and other EHRs.

How do we achieve our vision?

  • We deliver a customizable affordable cloud solution
  • We continually scrutinize how easy our EHR is to learn and use and improve it with every release
  • We offer state immunization, HL7 practice management/billing and one HL7 lab interface at no charge
  • We provide excellent Customer Support – live, US-based support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at no additional charge